Karen Vachon for Maine House District 29 – Campaign 2016

Karen Vachon - Vachon for Maine House District 29

Welcome!  I am honored to represent the people of Coastal Scarborough in the Maine House of Representatives, District 29.  Nearing the end of my freshman term, I am seeking re-election to continue the work I have begun and to strive toward my vision of a better Maine.   I believe it is time for Maine to rise and shine.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful state where hard-working people define our culture making us unique, desirable, and proud.   Maine’s four seasons define us a resilient people.  To experience Maine, is to live and to share a unique quality of life.  To take pride; take stock; to live, love, and cherish our natural resources and our people; to encourage, foster, envision, and strive to build a healthy and prosperous Maine.

I believe that Maine is uniquely positioned to cultivate a creative economy where small business thrives and meaningful jobs abound.  It’s time for Maine to break free from over taxation, welfare dependence, energy inefficiencies and a growing drug crisis.

As a local businesswoman and freelance writer, I listen closely to colleagues, friends, and neighbors.   More voices for Maine’s hard working people and small business owners are needed in the statehouse.   Maine’s hard working people need to be encouraged to speak up with confidence that their voices be heard.  I am that voice in Augusta.

My campaign fosters an optimistic can-do attitude; a movement of positive, hard-working people driven to make Maine rise and shine.  It’s about inspiring able-bodied people to get off the dole and get back to work, while not forgetting Maine’s aging and most vulnerable, who need our tender loving assistance and care; it’s about building sustainability to get away from tax and spend; its about working together to pragmatically tap into Maine’s natural resources to optimize energy, lower costs, and protect our environment.  It’s about crafting a budget where education and infrastructure no longer take a back seat to bloating welfare programs.  It’s about finding common sense solutions to move Maine forward and changing the political environment away from Washington style gridlock.

I believe that these changes will put money back in the pockets of Maine people so that they may spend freely and grow Maine’s economy.  My vision requires Maine’s business owners and hard working employees to get involved and excited to revive Maine to truly live up to our slogan: The way live should be.  The power of Maine is in the people.  For the love of Maine and her people, I hope you will join me in this campaign.  Together Maine will rise and shine.  ~Karen Vachon